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July, 2024

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Road Ride starting from the Midland SENIOR CENTER parking lot (SE corner of Dublin and Saginaw Road in Midland). Total distance will be 35-40 miles.

This ride is intended for riders with interest in riding at a pace averaging 23-25 MPH with sprints / regrouping.
Please be ready to ride at 5:45 PM.

Let us know if you are riding with the group for the entire ride, plan to back off, draft only, etc.

This ride will be canceled in the case of inclement weather or if no ride leaders are available. A ride cancelation notice will be sent in these cases - all attempts will be made to send cancelation notices at least two hours before the designated start time or sooner, etc.

Helmets are required. If you ride a ‘time trial‘ bike with aerobars, please do not ride in the aerobars while in a paceline. Clear and good access to brakes is essential for the safety of all riders.

Text me @ 985-533-6266 with questions, etc.
Matt Ohl
Freeland SportZone
6:00 PM
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Join Us for The Wednesday Evening TCC Group Ride
6 PM Freeland Sports Zone - Meet in the Northside parking lot at the Freeland Sports Zone and be ready to ride at 6 PM.

Don‘t forget water and any snacks that you want.

This is a group ride meaning that the intent is to stay together in groups, not leave riders behind. We hope to have two groups:

Main group averaging 15-17mph Ride Leaders: Mike Colucci; Dave Hawn; Adam Ferman

This is a good ride if you‘d like to become more comfortable riding in a group.

Faster group riding averaging 17-19 mph Ride Leader Nevin Steinbrink will ride ~
Most weeks we will ride 31 miles. Early and late in the season we may ride somewhat shorter distances.

Both groups will start out riding the Tittabawassee and Kochville trails and then return mostly on roads. We typically take one rest stop halfway at the Hotchkiss Rd trailhead on the Bay-Zil Trail.

Call or text Mike Colucci 989-295-6473 with questions or to let us know that you plan to join us.

As with all TCC Rides helmets are required. If you ride a ‘time trial‘ bike with aerobars, please do not ride in the aerobars while in a paceline or riding closely with others in a group. Clear and good access to brakes is essential for the safety of all riders.
North Bradley Trailhead, near the corner of M18/Saginaw roads
5:45 PM
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Meet = North Bradley Trailhead, near the corner of M18/Saginaw roads
Departure = 5:45pm sharp
Distance = @28 miles
Pace = We usually come back with a 15mph average...give or take.
Note this is on gravel. You would likely need to average 19-20 mph riding a road bike to keep us this average pace on gravel. If you have questions about whether this is the ride for you please contact Tom beforehand.

Map = Please contact me at ..... i can send you a .gpx file or u can download off of my Strava

We regroup several times and take a break at @mile 15. No Sag / No Sweep
8:00 AM
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Many TCC club members ride RAT - This year we are going to try to connect members with other members to ride with for RAT. If you are planning to ride RAT and would like to connect with other club members there register here. To be clear you also need to register for the RIDE Around Torch ride here: The Ride Around Torch is an annual one-day 26, 40, 63, or 100 mile bicycle tour primarily along the scenic shores of Torch Lake, Michigan‘s longest and one of its most beautiful inland lakes with unusually clear, bright turquoise hued waters. Several villages and hamlets lie along the lake‘s shore including Alden, Eastport, Clam River and Torch River. You will enjoy a recreational, social tour that is neither a race nor a test of strength, although the very hilly 100 mile route can be a challenge. Routes The 26 mile ride is an out and back around the north end of Elk Lake through Torch River to the food stop at Crystal Beach Park. It features the same hills and flats of the other routes only less. The 40 mile ride extends the 26 mile ride from the Crystal Beach Park food stop, by going east, then north through the charming village of Alden, toward Clam River, before looping back to the Crystal Beach food stop. The route will then rejoin the 26 mile route to the post ride picnic in Elk Rapids. Our signature 63 mile ride circles Torch Lake passing through Eastport, Clam River, Alden and Torch River with hills, flats, scenic views and multiple food stops. A shortcut is available that reduces the ride to just over 50 miles. The 100 mile ride is a challenging century with the rolling shoreline of Torch Lake, numerous extreme hills and then some. Racing clusters are not recommended. Ride Fees $60 - (2/1 - 3/31)