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Ride Classifications

All TCC scheduled rides show a category so that you will know what to expect on a scheduled ride.
The speeds are guidelines, but if you are on a ride that was supposed to be a class 'B', and it's gotten faster, you should let the leader know that the pace is above what you were expecting.

Ride Classification Expected Speed Rest stops
A++ 23+ MPH Rest, what's that?
A+ 20-22 MPH Very few rest stops, if any
A 18-20 Very few rest stops, if any
A- 15-18 Infrequent rest stops
B 13-15 Occasional rest stops
C 11-13 Frequent rest stops
D ~ 10 Relaxed pace, frequent rest stops to keep group together, rides for new riders and families
Mountain Bike Rides
Classification Description
MTB-B Single track with challenging surfaces, rocks, roots, logs and technical terrain. Extended ascents and challenging descents.
MTB-C Single and double track trails with uneven surfaces and minimal obstacles. Gradual and moderate climbing and descents.
MTB-D Unpaved wide trails and fire roads with obstruction free riding surfaces. Small and gradual changes in elevation.